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The Home Inspection, and Report:

Why hire the services of A Craftsman's Eye as 

opposed to the many other home inspectors?

Bare electrical line to the fixture is pinched under roof sheathing resulting in a potential fire hazard. Identified as an immediate issue to be addressed by licensed, qualified contractors.

Compressor at the end of it's life expectancy-- account for this expense in your negotiations.

Last stair riser at different height than all others - safety/liability hazard.

Gas lines and dirt leg improperly installed.

Improperly installed expansion tank and evidence of water leakage on the copper pipes. Suggested a licensed and qualified plumber inspect and repair.

Evidence of water infiltration, safety, and structural concerns.

The above highlighted photographsare just a few that were included in an actual Home Inspection Report provided by A Craftsman's Eye.

Our on premise discussion, and the comprehensive written report with photos clarify issues of SAFETY, FINANCIAL, and QUALITY OF LIFE.  

Did YOU see why the client needed to be alerted?

- "For your protection, GET A HOME INSPECTION ... and get the best darned inspector you can find".

- "The last thing I needed was another expense, but I paid to get a home inspection by an industry professional, and it's the BEST INVESTMENT that I have ever made."

- "Any job worth doing, is worth doing RIGHT."


! Text (404) 450-9130, or email [email protected] !

The process:

After spending hours examining your home, taking extensive notes and photographs, it's time to get back to the office and prepare your report.

This photograph is of my desk while preparing a Home Inspection Report. 

A Craftsman's Eye strives to provide you with an unbiased, detailed, visual inspection of the home. We create a document which captures the homes condition, and identify any potential problems, so that you can make intelligent decisions.

The square footage, age, and condition of the home will determine the length of time required in order to complete a comprehensive home inspection. Normal, on premise, home inspection times range between two and four hours. Back at the office, the time required to complete the written report depends on the findings of the inspection. The average research and writing time is between four and five hours. In order to provide the best possible report, ONE home inspection is scheduled per day. We know that your due diligence time is short and we strive to have your report in your hands on the very same day.

A few of the benefits of your home inspection:

  • The report document identifies deficiencies and provides a clear picture of your homes current condition.
  • Specify, by speaking with you on site, in writing, and photographs, any potential safety hazards, and flaws.
  • Enable you to make intelligent financial decisions.
  • You can rest assured that your decision will be based upon the observations of a man with thirty five years of design, build, and construction management experience and education.

Every inspection is a comprehensive visual inspection of the homes major systems, including:

Roof – identify type, condition, life expectancy, gutters, downspouts, chimneys, skylights, trim, flashing , boots and penetrations, etc.

Attics - access type and location, rafters, joists, trusses, wiring, collar ties, ventilation, insulation type and depth, leaks, access to furnace, etc.

Exterior - siding (vinyl, brick, stone, clapboard, stucco), eves, gutters, downspouts, windows, doors, trim, casings, driveway, rails, steps, etc.

Garage or carport - structure and overall condition, entry door to home, automatic garage door operation and safety, GFCI receptacles, etc.

Interior - walls, ceilings, floors, stairways and hand rails, cabinets, sinks, smoke detectors, appliances, bathrooms, window operation, lights and fans, (not cosmetic items), etc.

Kitchen - cabinets, sink, disposal, water lines, drains, dishwasher, range/oven, stove and exhaust system, microwave, GFCI protection, etc.

Laundry area - energy source and type, dryer venting safety, sink and faucet, washer pan and drain, etc.

Heating – age and life expectancy of unit, fuel type, furnace response, duct work, flue piping, etc.

Cooling systems - age and life expectancy of units, fuel type, A/C condensing unit response, temperature variation between supply and return, refrigerant line insulation, drain, duct work, safety features, etc.

Electrical systems - service entry line, clearances, main service panel box, total amperage identify main disconnect, grounding system, visible wiring and junction boxes, outlets, switches, doorbells, etc.

Plumbing - supply from street, pressure of water in the home, hose bibs/faucets, identify whole house shutoff valve, water heater – capacity, fuel type, manufacturer, model, venting, relief valve and drain, compression tank - toilets, showers, tubs, visible water lines, etc.

Fireplaces - gas, wood burning, safety and condition.

Basement/crawl space - utilities, structural components, moisture, insulation, ventilation, etc.

Foundation - type, water and moisture issues, structural concerns, settling, etc.

Grounds - water flow and accumulation, vegetation interfering with structure, steps, retaining walls, etc.

Decks - structural and safety concerns, guard and hand rails attachment, flashing, footings, columns, structural and overall condition, etc.

Environmental, and safety issues - lead, asbestos, etc.

Common Questions and Answers:

How much advance notice does your home inspection require?

The sooner you call us, the better! It’s best to notify and schedule your inspection as soon as the purchase contract has been signed. With notice, we can work any day of the week. Often, depending on scheduled inspections, same day inspections are possible.

What preparation is required prior to the inspection?

It is the seller’s responsibility to prepare the residence. Unlock all gates, crawl spaces, attics, electric panels, etc. Provide a clear path to all areas of the residence, utilities, garage, etc. Make certain all utilities – gas, water, electric - are turned on.

Should I attend the inspection?

Yes, if possible. We like to review our findings with you on site, prior to leaving.

How quickly will I receive my home inspection report?

Turn around is usually the same day. The report can be emailed between 6 and 24 hours. Please make certain to provide us with your email address when you book your appointment.

What is the cost? Several factors determine the cost of our home inspections. Our cost, similar to our competitors, start at just $350! Payment is made on site in either cash or check.

A Craftsman’s Eye identify defects, flaws, and areas of concern.

A Craftsman’s Eye provides you with a written digital report which clearly identifies areas of concern, and highlighted digital photographs to show exactly where the concerns lie.

A Craftsman’s Eye strongly encourages you to attend the home inspection. We prefer to point out areas of concern to you in person, and to discuss possible available options.

A Craftsman’s Eye home inspection provides you with the peace of mind by providing you the knowledge to make informed and confident decisions.

A Craftsman’s Eye prioritizes items in need of being monitored, maintained, repaired, or replaced. Areas of minor, concerns as well as major concerns, are clearly defined.

A Craftsman’s Eye inspections adhere to the standards of practice of the Georgia Conference of Home Inspectors (G.C.H.I.), and The G.C.H.I. Code of Ethics. Inspector Certification #1127-347.

A Craftsman’s Eye inspectors are licensed and insured.

A Craftsman’s Eye inspectors act in good faith and best interests of the client to ensure that you will receive a comprehensive, impartial and professional inspection.

A Craftsman’s Eye also offers pre-sale inspections for the homeowner/seller to identify potential problems prior to listing the property. This can assure a smoother closing experience.

Call A Craftsman's Eye today:
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"John was fantastic from the first phone conversation to meeting him on site. He was very personable on the phone making the appointment and asking questions to provide my estimate. I got off the phone feeling respected as a female client. On site, he went over what he had found and patiently explained items of concern. I highly recommend A Craftsman's Eye and John for anyone looking for a home inspector."

Saby B. in Lilburn, GA

"John was extremely knowledgeable and very thorough. I would recommend him."                 Tracy L. in Roswell, GA

"Excellent service!"                                                                                                                      Jason F in Atlanta, GA

"Why just hire a home inspector when you can hire a home inspector with years of architectural education, and contractor experience?!"

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